Working Student for the Operational Part of Contract Management (CM)



Establish and sustain transparency, governance and feasibility, Inform KAMs in time about ending contracts, Successfully manage changes in consumption; store respective data in CM system in time, Ensure accuracy an availability with regard to contract data, Measure and manage detected risks regarding missing sales-collaterals, Actions: Transfer existing contract data from various sources (Excel, PDF) into the CM System, Actively monitor contract completeness and initiate the necessary clean-up, Ensure that KAMs are informed in time about ending contracts, Monitor consumption-changes, Establish and sustain transparency w/ regard to contract-terms, -completeness and other contract meta-data, Timely enter new contract data (into the CM system), after ensuring that all accompanying sales collaterals are complete. Properly maintain existing contract data to provide transparency by reviewing contracts, analyzing them regarding completeness reporting and resolving incompleteness identified


Student in master study, Very reliable and ambitious to follow up contract issues and/or risks, Knowhow and experience in the arena of service provisioning including a thorough understanding of related processes, Great accuracy regarding management of the quality of contract data, Very good comprehension of contract management and possible risks related to incompleteness or deviations of contracts, Good understanding managed services including sales and delivery and their interdependencies, Good comprehension of CM processes and process-flow including the ability to identify areas of improvement, Ability to understand complex service contracts and identify risks regarding contractual obligations, High proficiency in Contract Management and in-depth experience with Contract Management Systems, High proficiency in Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel, German and English mandatory; further languages welcome


Job-ID #13068
Zeitraum langfristig (03.12.2018)
Arbeitszeit 20h/Woche
Bezahlung 9,- Euro/h
Anzahl Arbeitskräfte 1