Software development for beginners



▶ learn how software project management works, learn to receive and give code reviews, learn a new programming language
▶ software development (both frontend and backend possible)
▶ young software project with social impact
▶ possibility to convert to a full-time job (e.g. after graduation)
▶ start of the job is possible at any day



▶ love for tinkering, puzzling, programming and analyzing why things work (or do not work)
▶ love for learning new skills and working in an international team
▶ diligent working style
▶ long term perspective to stay in or around Leipzig for at least the next 3 years
▶ English skills (the company language is English) required; German skills not required
▶ Entry already possible from the 1st semester (or even if you are still in Studienkolleg).


Send as part of your application:

  1. A sample of code you have already written within the last 4 years (or a URL of where we can see such a sample).
  2. For each programming language you have already experience with:
    1. When have you written a program in the programming language the first time?
    2. How much experience do you have with the programming language nowadays

(Contact information will be given after placement.)



Job-ID #16768
Zeitraum langfristig (07.10.2019)
Arbeitszeit 15 hours/week (or more)
Bezahlung 650 EUR/month (or more), 10 EUR/hour (or more)
Anzahl Arbeitskräfte 5