Video/Film producer



We are looking for an experienced Film/Video producer.
You will, over a periode of 2 to 4 weeks, become a part of our event team in Leipzig. You will make films and take pictures, which we can be used on our webpage and our Social Medias. 
We do events nearly every day, that will make it easy for you to find time to join our team and become a part of serveral events. You will of course only work with the production and dont have to help them with the actual event. 


We expect that you have experience from previous work. 
You need to bring our own camera and you have to have access to editing programs.
We expect you to be passionate about your work and that you can work independet. 
It is not necessary that you speak English, German is fine.



Job-ID #17975
Zeitraum kurzfristig (01.03.2020 - 31.03.2020)
Arbeitszeit 2-4 weeks
Bezahlung 13,- euro/h
Anzahl Arbeitskräfte 1