Software development in teams



▶ software development (both frontend and backend possible)
▶ learn how software project teams work, learn to receive and give code reviews, learn a new programming language
▶ young software project with social impact
▶ possibility to convert to a full-time job (e.g. after graduation)
▶ start of the job is possible at any day


▶ love for tinkering, puzzling, programming and analyzing why things work (or do not work)
▶ experience with being creative using contemporary technology (e.g. HTML or CSS or a programming language or a 3D printer or a graphics program or a sound program or some hardware gadget)
▶ joy in learning new skills
▶ preference to working in an international team
▶ diligent working style
▶ long term perspective to stay in or around Leipzig for at least the next 3 years
▶ English skills (the company language is English) required; German skills not required
▶ entry already possible from the 1st semester (or even if you are still in Studienkolleg)

As part of your application:

    Give us some examples where you have programmed, tinkered, puzzled or analyzed why things work (or do not work) within the last 4 years.
    Give us some examples where you have learned a new skill within the last 4 years.
        a sample of a project (for example: a software project, a hardware project, a design project) you have done voluntarily (that means: not as a university course assignment) within the last 4 years (or send a URL which allows us to see such a sample), or
        a list of grades of courses you have completed within the last 4 years. (This may or may not include school.)
    For each programming language you already have experience with, send an answer to these questions:
        When have you written a program in the programming language for the first time?
        How much experience do you have with the programming language by now?

If we invite you for an interview, be prepared to present your project and to show us how you make changes to your project. (For example, if your project consists of software, bring a laptop with the project’s source code, ready to be changed, compiled and run.)

Contact information will be given after placement.


Job-ID #18024
Zeitraum langfristig (02.03.2020)
Arbeitszeit 17 hours/week (or more)
Bezahlung 739 EUR/month (or more), 10 EUR/hour (or more)
Anzahl Arbeitskräfte 5